All About ISO 9001

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

As money become tighter in today’s economy, we look for quality products and services. People are getting pickier about what suppliers and supplies they use and often let credentials and connections decide what rout to take. To meet the expectations a client has to your product it is a good idea to implement systems for quality management.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised certification for quality management. The streamline quality control system is implemented into your company ensuring you are providing the best possible products for your clients. The certification has become increasingly popular and been presented to around 1 million companies worldwide. The recent increase only solidifies the importance of obtaining it for other businesses. Appealing to the manufacturing industry, the certification aims to increase customer satisfaction, as well as product quality guarantee.

The implementation of the certification is a very straight forward process and not as time and resource consuming as many assume. The certification ensures that no stone is left unturned and provides a system for rectifying any problem. The systematic nature of ISO 9001 ensures that the process is continuously performed to ensure that any arising issues are dealt with swiftly.

The system will need the appropriate number of staff and time allocated in the implementation process. If this is taken into consideration from the beginning, the business can save substantial amounts of time. The average time for implementation and assessment is four days, but this varies with the size of the business. The certifying company should be instructing you on this before the process begins allowing you to make the necessary adjustments.

ISO 9001 implementation includes ‘gap analysis’. This means that existing procedures are identified and assessed in order to adapt them to conform to international standards. For any business this would result in a reduction in time allocated for training once the system is implemented. The changes are made as small as possible for companies to be able to go about their business as quickly as possible after implementation.

Once the assessment has taken place, the business will be given the appropriate amount of time to adjust procedures after the assessment is carried out. If all changes are made then the company is presented with the certificate. The certificate will be able to open doors to new clients and customers. The business will be able to use the ISO 9001 certification as a badge of honour, promoting their credentials and ensuring that they have good procedures for quality management.

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